Beer Menu

Current list of canned and draft beers on tap.


K2- Chocolate Peanut Butter Stout $7.00

Blue Barn- Jostaberry Cider $6.50

Rohrbach-Scotch Ale $6.00

Lord Hobo-Boom Sauce $7.00

Blue light $4.00

Sam Adams- Summer Ale $6.00

Goose Island- Hazy Hug Beer IPA $7.00

Collective Arts- Life in the Clouds IPA $7.50

Sloop- Juice Bomb IPA $7.50

Two Roads- Hay-Z Boy $8.00

Young Lion- Raspberry Sour $6.50

Blue Moon $6.00

Genesee- Tropical Pineapple Kolsh $7.00


3 Heads- The Kind IPA $6.00

3 Heads- Tre Kind IPA $9.00

3 Heads- PillsHarmonic $6.00

ThinMan- Minkey Boodle Ras Sour $8.50

Grimm-Mosaic IPA $8.00

Rohrbach- Blueberry Ale $6.00

Rohrbach-Space Kitty IPA $7.00

Rohrbach- Vanilla Porter $6.50

Czech Yo Self Pilsner $7.50

Common Roots-Shadow Figures Porter $7.50

Singlecut- Softly Spoken Magic Spells IPA $8.50

Rising Storm- Mango Passionfruit Pineapple Sour $7.00

Stoneyard-Juice Head IPA $8.00

Cider Creek- Cran mango Cider $6.00

Founders-All Day IPA $6.00

Barrier Brewing-Deadly Combination IPA $6.50

Resurgence- Pills Mafia $6.00

Fifth Frame- HMU IPA $8.50

Bells- Hopslam Double IPA $8.50

Blue Toad- Black Cherry cider $7.00

Guinness- Irish Dry Stout $6.50

Fifth Frame- Liminal Spaces IPA $8.00

Ten Bends-Northern Heights IPA $8.00

Prairie- Blueberry Boyfriend Sour $6.50

Prairie-Rainbow Sherbet Sour $6.50

Downeast-Black Berry Cider $6.50

Fifth Frame- Orange, Peach & Banana Sour $ 10.00

Fifth Frame-Carmel Brownie Mix and sea salt Stout $9.00

Fifth Frame- Rainbow Sherbet Sour $10.00

Fifth Frame- Blackberry, Strawberry & Banana Sour $10.00

Fifth Frame- Draped in Jam P.B Blackberry Marshmallow Imperial Brown $7.50